7 Things You Need To Know About Ninja-Con 2014

Coming to Ninja-Con for the first time? Kinda don’t know what the big deal is? After all, it’s just another Con, right? I mean, its so small, what could it possibly offer?

This is where one walks away snobbishly, saying “You wouldn’t get it!” …but that’s not what Ninja-Con’s about. For the past few years, Anime Conventions have been charging their attendees a high price for a service worth less than what their customers deserve. Just for one Voice Actor, an Attendee would have to pay $80 to enter; for one Tea Party, an Attendee might pay as high as $90 – depending on which big Convention you’re paying annual patronage to, you’ll always feel like you’re paying too much. But that doesn’t stop kids from spending all their money for that one event…

Ninja-Con sympathizes over that substantial bill. They don’t think you should be paying so much for that autograph, or for the Tea Service, or even that meet up. No. Ninja-Con wants to the community to thrive. And here are 7 Things You Need To Know About Ninja-Con:

  1. Ninja-Con’s mission statement adheres to the community, concisely stating: “Our mission at Ninja-con is to bring together a network of those who appreciate Asian culture, from various topics ranging from anime, cosplay, video games, and fashion. Sharing our devotion for Asian culture while contributing to charity and providing a fun and unique experience is our goal at Ninja-con.”
  2. Ninja-Con was created by Fans. SavedPicture-20146615632.jpgThe two founders wanted to make a strong change in their community, and had every intention to be taken seriously as part of the community. The founders names are Danny “DBoy” Gonzales and Ray Kil.
  3. Ninja-Con jam packs it’s schedule to fit all of anime fan’s favorite celebrities to mingle with everyone, and invites the public to create their own fan panels. Fan panels are rare to host in big conventions, and usually requires strict affiliation with the event’s brand identity. You can see Ninja-Con’s schedule for 2014 HERE.
  4. Ninja-Con is a theatre experience. As a brand of Azure Lorica, a nonprofit theater company, Ninja-Con practices theatre etiquette throughout its operations – from the roses to their performers, to never saying “Macbeth” on the stage. Ninja-Con upholds the traditions as far as Shakespeare’s time – live performance galore. So please, remember to say, “break a leg!”
  5. Ninja-Con is family friendly. The more anime conventions there are popping up like fast food restaurant franchises, the less we see children involved in them. “Anime” means Animation in Japanese – from Astroboy to Pokemon, an array of children shows are available to families internationally. We don’t see why we can’t accommodate for families to enjoy what we grew up with. I mean, there’s nothing bad about Speed Racer, is there?
  6. Ninja-Con is pet friendly. Originally, Ninja-Con supported the Wildlife Waystation Foundation, but along the way, certain requirements couldn’t be met, and both lost good partnerships from eaches community support. But since then, Ninja-Con has accommodated for pets to enter their events, and has since seen Puppies and Bunnies at Community Centers and Libraries and Theatres.
  7. Ninja-Con is $20. While most conventions cost you an arm and a leg, Ninja-Con provides an affordable rate, welcoming Congoers, young and old. Since they became a brand under Azure Lorica, they also adhere to the nonprofit organization’s mission of free shows – delivering an array of Meet Ups and exhibitions throughout the year for the public.

Supporting the local businesses in Little Tokyo, attendees can take a break from the giant list of events at Ninja-Con, and enjoy some Sushi for lunch. The shops are used to anime, so Cosplayers can enjoy their stroll without odd looks from the venues. So come and enjoy Ninja-Con, the fan-made, pet friendly, community oriented anime convention!


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