Ninja-Con Is Over

After a long month of countdowns, Ninja-Con had finally arrived. The convention was a smash hit! Not only did it welcome more anime fans, but also attendees hopping from this year’s Cosplay Con. More Art Collectors entered the scene, travelling between Q Pop(indie art gallery) to Ninja-Con, making Artist Alley a great highlight for this year’s event.

Many of the Attendees were confused without a proper program to notify them of this year’s schedule, but entertainment and social gatherings oversaw that dilemma – revitalizing the community as an enjoyable meet-cute for fans, celebs, and Artists alike! People said it was cozy, others appreciated that it was held in their “backyard”, and many couldn’t wait to come back for 2015. The crowd this year nearly doubled from last year’s Ninja-Con, as their GoH (Guest of Honor) list grew, and the meet ups with local groups wasted no expense to pay patronage to this year’s convention.

When Ninja-Con retired from the JACCC, its Staff and volunteers migrated to the Miyako Hotel, and were debriefed over the extraordinary difference Ninja-Con did this year. Danny Gonzales, excited and astound over 2014’s development, gave a teaser that 2015’s Ninja-Con will be packed with surprises, followed after the upcoming productions of 2014’s event calendar (coming soon).

A short announcement was made by the Board Member of Azure Lorica, Eugene Docena, of the many other opportunities within the nonprofit charity. He mentioned the web address placed on everyone’s badges, directing the crowd to follow for more information. The party ended, and throughout the night, Little Tokyo could not stop talking about the Con that gave back to its community: Ninja-Con.


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