Fan Films

In the recent years, we’ve been entertained by YouTubers, people who’ve taken the step to perform from their homes, from their office, and out in the jungle we call the outdoors. We’ve laughed, and cried, shared their struggles as fans, friends, and strangers. But the more intriguing about this phenomenon is that these YouTubers have taken it to another whole level. Rather than just vlogging, people are starting to tell stories. And beyond the stories, people have produced actual movies – full length at times! We’ve seen the parodies, the satires, the re-enactment, and movies we never thought were ever going to be made. It doesn’t matter who they are, what language they speak, they are doing this whether you like it or not. They are Artists to the extreme! Many do it without monetary backing, without public support, many are doing it without even an audience, because…they’re fans.

Now if this sounds strange to you, don’t be alarmed, we’ve actually been doing this for decades! Remember Star Wars? No the CGI versions, but the puppets and the people in contemporary denim and renaissance costumes. Lucas was a huge fan of the old Japanese Samurai films by Kurosawa, and back tracking on the other end, Kurosawa was a huge fan of American black and white films. Leaving us with this interesting legacy, we’ve been producing more versions of Shakespeare plays and Jane Austen novels on screen than ever! In fact, they’re our staple!

supergirl-fan-film-girl-of-steel-previewSo fast forward to today, where we spout media out like water. We’ve been recreating the old stuff too, sometimes only 6 months old, but nevertheless, it’s considered old to anyone born during the millennia! So, we’re introducing a new line of works published on Triskele Press. Videos that speak to the new and old generation, something we love, share, and complain about everyday: FAN FILMS!

You’re welcome!


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