Pardon Our Dust

Triskele Press is reconstructing itself. From the design of the site, to the content being managed – we’re giving you, our lovely subscribers, a better Blog to enjoy. But the question is “What’s changing?”

Well, first off, Triskele Press has been very geek oriented, and we’re not straying away from that at all. In fact, we’re advocating for those cliques that the old geek community are discriminating against. Being that recent statistics show that a majority of the internet’s recent audiences are women and teens, we’re taking our chances and catering to you Miss, Ms., and Mrs. Ironically, since the craze of Bronies had come to everyone’s attention, we’ve come to understand that men have a reasonable taste in entertainment nowadays. From the color pink to happy unicorns, this new audience is just beautiful. So why shouldn’t we change?

Our old content was very much catered to Gamers and Con-life. From Cosplay to AMVs, we were attempting to reach out to people who love living as their Avatar online IRL. But posting videos wasn’t what they cared about when going through our site. They YouTube on their free time, there’s no use in being redundant. No, instead they veered toward articles, crowd funding indie projects, and reminiscing over old animes. Our audience love to be intelligent, and it would be a shame neglect the chance to explore their interests with them. So yes, the Videos will stay, but they will be nested in articles from here on in. There’s no point in staying stagnant.

So, again, do pardon our dust. We will be reconstructing. We might change our template, we might be bringing you a different format of entertainment, but be well assured that it is for you. Triskele Press is a public service, and we will not be anything less.


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