“The” Jon Allen’s FU to Wrestling

Tonight, Triskele Press will be attending Fan United Wrestling, or most commonly known as FU Wrestling, at the Sky Box. The event is a mix of wrestlers who use various wrestling styles, including Lucha. It is prominently the only independent pro wrestling show in San Diego, California.

Hosting the event is none other than “The” Jon Allen, best known for his voice acting roles in the anime hit series, Dragon Ball Z. The talented actor has since been performing in stand up comedy, as host and comedian. The entrepreneurial move into the wrestling industry was due to his love for the sport. In recent posts on Facebook, he’s mentioned a number of late professional wrestlers who’ve inspired him to pursue Fans United Wrestling, such The Warrior and many 90s stars from the attitude era of WWF. His direction towards an adult audience was a strong gamble for the FUW business, as most Wrestling shows are child oriented, and reaching into this demographics not only pays homage to the attitude era of wrestling, but also blends the new talents and the veterans for what the fans want out of the industry of Pro Wrestling.

So, if you’re looking for Pro Wrestling, look ahead. Look to Fans United Wrestling, to San Diego, and don’t look back. Chances are, you’re never gonna see wrestling the same way after this.

For more info, visit: www.fansunitedwrestling.wix.com


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