Dracula Untold by Grace Randolph

Grace Randolph returns with another review, this time it’s for the one movie that’s reuniting Goths, Vampire fans, and Bibliophiles together at last! It’s called Dracula Untold.

For several years, the Vampire genre of books and movies have overshadowed much of the Gothic varieties in literature and cinema. From Twilight to True Blood, the lore of Vampires have become so skewed from its origins that nearly anything with a fang could be a vampire. And what’s more interesting is how much of the other Gothic type stories have been missed throughout these past few years – those that concern itself with hauntings and delirium, including the the 13th Tale – that only core bibliophiles have been lavished to relish alone.

Grace Randolph, my favorite source for all things geek, formerly associated with Think by the Ink, explains the epic world we’re introduced to this new version of Dracula. Say what you must, but it reminds me too much of Vampire Hunter D – a 90s manga/anime that blends the old lore with the modern world. The whole thing is good news either way, as most fans of all things scary and mysterious have found a dark friend with the geeks and goths in this Dracula Untold.


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