The Wolf strikes again! #HowToTrainADragon

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 Random Loot is a series in which I get to focus on one particular game, movie or even comic, be it relatively old or quite new, and then ramble about it, often going off-course in the process or using it to make a point about something else entirely. This series is far less critical than my reviews or even standard opinion pieces. I’m less concerned with being entirely fair, and more with just presenting my personal views or ideas in a quick, easy format. You’ve been warned.

SPOILER WARNING: This entire piece assumes that you’ve either watched the film in its entirety or are not concerned by spoilers and simply want to read an opinion on the movie.  Major plot elements will be discussed. You have been warned. Again.

I’ll preface this entire piece by confessing my undying love for the first How to Train your Dragon, a beautiful, brilliant…

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