A Look Into How the Man Behind Paprika and Paranoia Agent Edits His Film

If you have yet to watch Paprika, I would highly recommend to do so, as it is one of the most magnificent Japanese animations ever created.


See How An Anime Master Manipulated Space And Time

The late Satoshi Kon — director of Paprika and Paranoia Agent — was one of the greatest animators to ever walk this earth, and the impact his body of work had on cinema is so rich and dense, we’re only now fully unpacking it. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself:

In this excellent video essay, editor Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting breaks down just how masterful Kon was with manipulating time and space through editing. He shows concrete examples of Kon’s rapid transitions and match cuts. He even shows how the techniques employed by Kon were not simple tricks to tell a story, but a crystallization of his metaphysical view of society.

See How An Anime Master Manipulated Space And Time

Kon passed away four years ago from Pancreatic cancer at the very young age of 42, but his brief body of work is flawless and will continue to inspire filmmakers and animators around the world.

Satoshi Kon – Editing Space & Time via Extremely Animated & Cartoon Brew




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