Introducing Two Letter Press

Sometimes all a person needs is a simple nudge to start their momentum in creative writing. Last Friday, Ken Meyer, a casual sports article writer submitted a short piece to Flash Card Fiction (a.k.a. FCF), a weekly flash fiction contest online. Sponsored by Two Letter Press, an independent Chicago based publishing house, FCF has posted Meyer’s work on, like a proud flag deeming high regards to their winner!

Starting the program only a year ago, Two Letter Press has been building up writer’s confidence, like Meyer, to join their newsletter and share their love for literary works, no matter where it comes from. Their success lies in their mission to understanding humanity. Whether fiction or nonfiction, the beauty and rawness of the human condition, the soul, and reality culminates a very down to earth vision to the book industry.

Founder and Publisher, Sarah Price Moore mentions in a private interview that “We launched the FlashCard Fiction contest to draw more attention to the website before [a] novel is officially published…” the mention of novels brought an allure to the interview, but Moore mentioned less, as the pride of their winning Meyer was priority for Two Letter Press. In her excitement, she concluded that “…traffic is up exponentially and there’s alot of positive public feedback surrounding the contest”.

I attempted to pry if a full novel had already been published by Two Letter Press, but she allowed me only a hint of charm, insinuating, ‘No comment.’ And that was all. For further information about Two Letter Press or to support Flash Card Fiction, go to:


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