Aerosmith (Fea. Slash) @ The Forum

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Aerosmith and Slash will be performing at the Forum in LA tonight at 7:30 pm. It is an LA stop in their joint Let Rock Rule World Tour 2014 that started in Istanbul in April.

Slash first became acquainted with the band when they debuted at the Whiskey a Go Go in 1973 and says it is still the old fashioned rock band he fell in love with back then. At the time he was with his own band, Guns and Roses, and the two bands have had to ride out the turbulence of a major label rock career.

In the process Aerosmith lost Brad Whitford, their rhythm guitarist. Guns and Roses downsized Slash, who now performs with new band the Conspirators. Together they are celebrating the end of the studio conflicts and history that have injured previous efforts at promoting their work as this is part of Aerosmith’s effort to promote Music From Another Dimension!, their first album in 11 years.

Catch the show tonight in celebration of what  these musical performers have been through to be here together in L. A. once again. In addition, as a classic rock group (plus one) see what creative power they have with the tracks that come from their return to doing an album

-Patrick Pagan



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