Second City in Hollywood’s, “Undateable”

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Unrelated to the NBC sitcom of the same name, “Undateable” is a mostly scripted albeit reality based sketch comedy show playing Fridays at 9pm at the Second City Training Center in Hollywood.

The show features improv actors portraying online dating profiles as well as their virtual interactions through text messaging on OK Cupid. A research component was first derived by creating several female profiles to draw in potential suitors and hilarity ensues from the interactions that result.

The show begins with a performance of each of the females acting out their profiles followed by the male cast bringing forth the matches that sprang forward to win their attention. “Undateable” offered us the landscape of presenting yourself in a digital setting and what the male suitor archetypes were that women could encounter as matches. The virtuosic male troupe all participated in bringing to life what these men might be like behind the screen and in the flesh.

The only purely improv component of the show was when a male and female audience member were asked to volunteer to participate by offering their own personal quirks and interests that would have submitted online in the case of the characterizations portrayed by improv player.  These were added to the staged performance by improvising off of their answers to the questions.

The show sums itself up as delving into the inspirational struggles of those just looking for companionship and the hilarity of such optimism and honesty from one soul to another. See it to connect with how hard people are trying to connect. Do that, if only for the entertainment value.

-Patrick Pagan


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