Concept Art Week 4: Tyler Thull

I’m sorry for the delay, I’ve been rather busy with work so I only had the chance to write this today!

Anyways this week I feature the artist Tyler Thull, a concept/illustrative artist from Michigan.

Most of his work appears to be centered around environmental concept art, so for those who enjoy character art, I’ll make it up to you and showcase someone who focuses on characters!


1470118_699235010086912_1583062040_n 1415530_687232804620466_1483124402_o

1836625_742357569107989_1162065232_o 58595_644262015584212_1413634846_n

If you would like to see more of his work, here is his Facebook page.

I do promise that this next showcase next week will be written better, please forgive me for the delays.

Please do comment any suggestions you would like me to add to these posts. I would like to know what everyone thinks.


Also on an unrelated note..Watch GotG, it’s such a good movie.


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