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Author Edan Lepucki will be appearing for a book signing and a discussion of her novel California at the Grove’s Barnes and Noble location Wednesday at 7pm. The novel, Lepucki’s second, is an exploration of how society will adapt in a post apocalyptic future.

Lepucki attracted a wider notice than usual for fiction authors when she was covered and fellow Hachette author Sherman Alexie was granted an interview on The Colbert Report to highlight the legal battle her publisher Hachette had with online retailer, who directed site shoppers away from all Hachette titles as part of a feud over profits from ebooks sales. Colbert’s three previous books are all Hachette titles and suffered similar fates, being blocked by for pre-orders and purchases.

Colbert directed his viewers to go to Powell’s bookstore’s website to order their copies of the book and put California on the top of the New York Times bestseller’s list. The “Colbert Bump” delivered, with the publicity from The Colbert Report leading Hachette to print an additional 60,000 hardcovers when 10,000 were planned. In a three day spree Lepucki signed 10,000 copies of the book at Powell’s books.

Edan Lepucki is riding a wave from the kind of support that she has said many, many authors could benefit from. So attend the book signing in that spirit and go to see how blessed she was for an author to catch that wave, and maybe check out some other books that weren’t as lucky but just as deserving.

-Patrick Pagan

Author Edan Lepucki

One thought on “Hatchette’s “California”

  1. This looks fun! Glendale ain’t too far either. I think surviving a post apocalyptic world is something people, I fear, are praying for sometimes. Maybe its just America, but nevertheless, it is entertaining.

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