Reza Aslan’s “The Writers Room”


Photo credit: DBA Hollywood

The Writers Room is a panel discussion on the first Wednesday of every month at DBA Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. Tonight is the third discussion, in partnership with Book Soup, on the craft of writing conducted by author and scholar Reza Aslan.

Reza Aslan is said to bring a special energy and wit to his interviews with writers, which in this show’s case is a wide enough occupational term to include nonfiction and fiction (across all media); journalism as well as the academics that he is known for from his Daily Show appearances. At tonight’s event he will be discussing the fine art of adapting books for the big screen by interviewing Scott Neustadter, screenwriter of The Fault in Our Stars adaptation, and Kelly Marcel, who has just penned a 50 Shades of Grey adaption.

The draw of this interview panel show, aside from the inside look into the world of the people who ensnare us with their prose and creativity, is Reza himself. One gets the impression that he is in his element most in this setting and cuts loose with hilarious abandon delving into the sacred and the profane with the writers that he chooses to spotlight with his interviews.

-Patrick Pagan


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