NOW Festival featuring John Fleck and the Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY

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For the next three nights, the third program of the New Original Works (NOW) Festival will be playing at the REDCAT, the CalArts downtown theater for contemporary arts. Featured in this stage of the program will be performer John Fleck and Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY, the dance company started by Israeli choreographer Danielle Agami.

John Fleck presents a  farcical gothic horror piece through the guise of a variety of characters, including the portrayal of the id, ego and super ego as dramatic characters.

All is designed to “invert” his dramatistic work space, in the words of a glowing review in Artweek Magazine.

Danielle Agami, in coordination with Persia indy hip hop musician Omid Walizadeh, is presenting For now. For now is the latest modern dance creation from Ate9 and involves a ten-piece dance ensemble to discuss the dualities of the human experience.

In this show and in general Agami’s troupe has been praised with having “the gift of turning awkwardness into something beautiful”, says Dance Magazine.

-Patrick Pagan

John Fleck



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