Comedian Mick Foley


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Wrestler Mick Foley has added a plethora of careers to his belt, giving fearsome new meaning to being a hyphenate in the multimedia entertainment landscape of actor-musicians and comedian  best selling authors. At 8pm at the Ice House in Pasadena Foley, adds comedian to his resume.

Having already authored two novels, four children’s books, four memoirs, Foley will enter the live comedy arena as a his newest form of storytelling. Admittedly a cousin of the live performance that the professional wrestling arena has developed a reputation for, his comedy act Tales From Wrestling Past will be another display of Foley’s endearing qualities as a person as evidenced and showcased on his last Daily Show with Jon Stewart appearance.

“Foley himself is charm personified – eloquent, funny and self-effacing”, writes Chortle, a well-known British comedy publication.

This comedy will prove to showcase the broad accessibility of Mick Foley in any format. It isn’t his wrestling past that is being shared but the passion people have fallen for time and time again.

“If you’re interested at all in wrestling you’ll love it; if you’re not, you’ll like it,” writes Broadway Baby, a dramatic arts source.

-Patrick Pagan


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