Warren Techentin Presents La Cage Aux Folles

Photo credit: knstrct.com

The architect Warren Techentin is presenting his cage-like La Cage Aux Folles at Materials and Applications, an independent spirited art studio on Silver Lake Avenue. Patrons have everyday until Aug. 29 to catch the display, however only this weekend will feature Matt Kivel presenting his album Days of Being Wild featuring songs of a similarly avant-garde construction.

The cage is a stage; the polar opposites being explored here are the freedom of working with constraints. Kivel’s songs accomplish the same lyrically. This stage is revealed to be a great source of freedom in confinement which mirrors the support an artist gets from working with spaces that offer boundaries to work within.

The cage is assembled of 346 pipes and designed through complicated algorithms to resemble a Mongolia yurt, according to design blog Knstrct. It has been played on by many artists, performers as well as musicians like Matt Kivel.

The Victorian birdcage itself is made of constraints, pipes serving the constraining function of confining water so that it is free to flow elsewhere. It would be a pool without pipes and so it resembles the artist’s role of sculptor who confines his materials so the artist’s message may travel.

The translation of the title is actually, despite other cultural usages, “the cage and follies.” On his website Techentin informs that follies has may meanings but essentially “it speaks of delight, madness, an exotic performance, and even of a favored dwelling.” At the heart of this installation, we see that delight comes in the protected (caged) anarchy of artistry.

-Patrick Pagan

Photo credit: knstrct. With children for scale.


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