Burbank Comedy Festival

Photo credit: burbankcomedyfestival.com

The 1st Annual Burbank Comedy Festival will be coming to Flappers Comedy Club, which will be taking place Aug. 17-23. Adam Carola, Wendy Liebman and Jeff Garlin will be featured in addition to up to 200 up and coming comedy acts.

Carlos Alazraqui, Jimmy Dore, 2 Broke Girls co-creator Whitney Cummings, Australian sensation Jim Jefferies, Chris D’Elia (seen on Cummings’ other show Whitney as well as Undateable), Dat Phan and Brad Williams have acts staged. Also, Carola and three others will be podcasting their usual home studio shows during scheduled events at the comedy festival.

Flapper’s Comedy and Restaurant also features a comedy school, FU: Flappers University School of Comedy, as many comedy theaters offer classes in the craft of improv and acting. The school side of Flappers will garner further when the patrons of the comedy festival come through wondering about how they can make their start.

There will be a panel of bookers and club owner moderated by an agent from ICM Partners, a comedy development panel moderated by Barbara Holliday who is producing the festival and moderates a second panel on the comedy market, and an agents and managers panel moderated by a representative from Shapira and Associates.

With financing from the city of downtown Burbank, the hope with this event is to attract the best comedic talent to put Burbank on the map of locales that stand-ups make appearances in.

-Patrick Pagan



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