Girls, Our Heroes: Vincent Tran’s Dive Into Fan Films

Actor, Writer, and Director – a young film maker takes Comic Cons by storm with his fan film across the U.S. His name is Vincent Tran, and here on Triskele Press is the exclusive interview with the man behind the recent Award Winning Movie: GIRL OF STEEL


Vincent Tran: Actor, Writer, & Director

So Vincent, you’ve produced a number of award winning films in your career. What got you started as an independent film maker?

I’ve always watched movies all my life.  In 2009,  I began to produce and direct films focused on human transformation. After a near death experience in 2008, I swore to develop movies that would change the world forever.  Creating an idea to sustain world peace.  Currently, female characters have given that opportunity.

The last time we met, a couple of years ago, you were nominated for your Best Edited Movie, BBoy. Were there challenges in transitioning from original screenwriting to fan films?

“BBoy” movie was the beginning of my self-realization period.  Over the past years, fan films portrayed female heroes as side stories versus leading roles.  The community has seen our films to have a mission statement.  Our characters will plant a seed into your subconscious asking, “Why aren’t there any feature films about female superheroes?”.  We’re proving it can be done under the right supervision.

10553527_1455043021422290_5665197451775526492_nWhat made you decide to make a fan films?

Honestly, I didn’t see it coming.  I wanted to develop a female driven story about women facing the challenges of men.  Supergirl was a great example of that entity.  Then I had realized, I’m producing a fan film.

You’ve managed to screen your last short film: Girl of Steel at a number of Comic Conventions. Do you have a passion for this community?

Comic Con is a less competitive film community compared to film festivals.  It’s perfect as a niche because the fans are growing substantially. I prefer Comic Con’s then film festivals, at least in the fan film world.

10382086_1437244863202106_3830141439294871631_oHow have you been received by the comic book community? Are they as welcoming of indie films as they are of mainstream movies?

The comic community has shown a great deal of support.  Every screening we’ve had people are shocked by the quality of acting, storytelling and visual execution.  I guess it isn’t common for Directors to focus on Fan Films.  I’m sure they are used to youtube directors, but we’re focused more on emotional adventure.

Are you producing more fan films?

Yes, we are currently in production of our upcoming film, BATGIRL RISES.  It will be premiering at Universal Studios for a private screening October, along with Girl of Steel – extended version.  Both are set to release publicly/online in November 2014.

1507430_669671916421386_6360282423779004348_oAre you alone in making these films or is there a company behind all of this?

Fortunately I’m working with the best team ever.  Executive producers Michael Leblanc and Danny Saab ( are huge supporters of Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to work with such a great cast and crew.

Where can we find more?

Comic Con Screenings, free posters and more available at:

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