Mirai Nikki Review

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Mirai Nikki

This anime revolves around a boy named Yukiteru Amano, also known as “Yuki”. He’s a somewhat isolated kid who is on his phone a lot. From time to time Yuki writes in his diary of random events that he sees; whether it’s his classmates, a dog barking, or something that just happened a few moments before him. He has two friends, Deus Ex Machina and his helper Murmur, both of whom are imaginary. The story is about Yuki being thrown into a battle royale because of his imaginary friends; it turns out that Deus Ex Machina is, well, God, and he needs a successor because he is dying. Now Yuki is forced to fight in order to stay alive since the idea of becoming God isn’t really all that appealing.

Also involved in the story are two unique girls named Yuno Gasai and Uryuu Minene. Yuno Gasai looks like any…

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