The Future is Here with Digital Cosmetics!

Computers, Lasers Turn Real Human Into Scary Robot

The effect you’re seeing here, applied as a form of “electronic make-up”, is the result of CG and projection tech being screened and updated – in real-time – onto a model’s face.

Sure, you can see parts where it can’t quite keep up with the model’s movements, but as a start, it’s some incredible stuff. Imagine what’ll be capable when we progress from “limited art project” into “ready for TV/stage”.

The project, which involved a number of experts in CG, design and make-up, was led by Nobumichi Asai.


Imagine the world with digital cosmetics! If something like this was mass produced, the whole concept of “cyborgs” or well.. anything else will become a lot easier to produce. Of course something like this probably won’t make a huge impact on the world, but it’s definitely a start to something much bigger.




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