The Second City Improv Showcases

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The Second City Training Center in Hollywood has their half-hour improv comedy showcases Friday nights at 10pm. It features two 15-minute ensemble showcases wherein a group of performers take a suggestion from the audience and build an entire show from an audience members’ one word suggestions.

The experience sounds uninteresting and done before. But once they get going, you are surrounded by the roaring laughter of comedy fans. Improv is built on the concept of agreement with any information added into the pot of what’s onstage starting with the suggestion of what the show should be about, which is then followed by a logical yet somehow unpredictable contribution by each of the improv players. But what grows from your one simple suggestion of “proctologist” is comedically astounding to behold.

At the Second City they manage, with a virtuosic level of ability, to take you on ride with a whole gamut of emotions, characters, plot points and clever word usage. And if these completely improvised performers slip up, its just more fuel for the comedy fire. 

See the second city website: for this showcase and all the other improv shows such as Ski Doo Secret & Frankenyeti.

-Patrick Pagan


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