“To Be Takei” Doc

Photo credit: lockerdome.com

“To Be Takei” is a documentary on the life of actor and activist George Takei, along with his life with his husband Brad, being released this Friday, Aug. 22, at Sundance Sunset Cinemas. Free passes to the show from Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 will be available to members of KPFK’s Film Club, which only requires making a donation to the community radio station for an annual membership.

The documentary, “To Be Takei,” covers the vast and unbelievable life of social media sensation George Takei. Takei is most prominently known for his role as Sulu on three seasons of Star Trek and across all the films that were spin from off the original series.

“Takei” shines a light on the fact that as a child Takei was interned as a Japanese American during the Second World War; he starred as Sulu on a show broadcast during the 1960s that broke racial barriers for featuring both a black, female communications officer as well for Takei’s performance as an Asian navigation officer; finally, the film covers a lifetime of political activism spurred on by an internment camp experience as a child in his single digits that taught him that it is impossible to be unpolitical as a minority.

The film also has a playful side as it illustrates the relationship Takei has with his his longtime husband Brad. This lighter side of the film shows the humanity with which George Takei has garnered over six million social media followers and the humor he brings to his well received Howard Stern appearances.

“Takei” is a great story not to be missed.

-Patrick Pagan


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