Concept Art Week 7: Alex Figini

Good afternoon everyone, Ashanti here bringing you your weekly concept art showcase.

This week I introduce Alex Figini, a concept artist currently working for Bioware.

If anyone can remember the Mass Effect 3 ending crisis that shred through the internet for a good few months, this artist was one of the artists to create new concepts that helped subside this problem by generating new ideas for DLC and helped create the extended ending for this game.

Here are some of his art pieces and like usual, I will provide links below to where you may see the rest of his work.


Viewing room


Casino Bar




Rusty Mecha


You may find his ArtStation here, along with his DA here

See you all next week!

Good luck in school everyone! I know some colleges start tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Concept Art Week 7: Alex Figini

    • Thank you so much! I’m very happy you’ve enjoyed the showcases. I’ve settled down to creating one each Sunday, so please do come by again.

      Doing this is a huge inspirational boost for me so I’ll be continuing on for as long as possible.

      (Also I really love your work.)


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