Does This Feel Indie

A wonderful piece on indie games. #gaming #indie


In a lot of genres, “Indie” has become most of a stylistic feel rather than just being lower budget and not from a major company. Large labels endorse Indie bands and large film companies have Indie distributors. Has the videogame industry also come into form by having Indie games be about quirkiness than just being from a smaller publisher?

indie games

Indie games have, for some time, been rising as a legitimate and explored sub-genre. They started out as a genre purely to give them spotlight in a sea of titles from larger publishers. The problem I see is that they have stayed a genre, and thus had to take on a key difference in order to establish themselves as a genre. More and more I see Indie games being shown for their key point of obscurity, which makes them each unique from the rest. But is obscurity the only thing that…

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