Proopcast at Nerdmelt

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“Whose Line is it Anyway” comic Greg Proops will be taking his self-titled “The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast” to the “Nerdist” podcast bay at the Nerdmelt Showroom on Sunset, Tuesday, Sept. 2. His podcast makes a worldwide touring circuit and will be at the world famous nerd/alternative comedy hub on night only.

The comedy club in the back of comic book store Meltdown Comics is well known for the great acts that frequent it such as Robin Williams, Louis C. K. as well as the Proops himself. Proops’ podcast has been hosted by such international locales as London and Toronto in addition to just finishing his third podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Los Angeles magazine dubbed Nerdmelt, “Comedy’s New Nucleus” in an article highlighting the nerd comedy destination. Chris Hardwick’s comedy club is mounted in the nexus of alternative comedy and nerd pop culture.

Rolling Stone has listed “The Smartest” podcast as one of the 20 best podcasts happening right now. They salute his plentiful “gift of gab” as being much more so in evidence here than in his improv “Whose Line” work.

The role of the audience and their local experience is very much in focus in Greg Proops’ Proopcast. This aspects makes the show not to be missed in person, as opposed to online, as Proops’ references to awful weather or how these people treat their children will take on a special resonance with the in person audience.

-Patrick Pagan





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