Los Angeles Theatre Works presents “The Explorers Club”

Photo credit: LATW.org

L. A. Theatre Works will be broadcasting the Broadway production of “The Explorers Club”, tomorrow, Aug. 28 on their radio series on Pacifica Radio. It will be carried by many others in public broadcasting and streaming on their website, latw.org.

The show was penned by Nell Benjamin and directed for the stage by McAll, and has a cast that features Jennifer Westfeldt (Friends with Kids), along with Broadway castmates David Furr, Lorenzo Pisoni and Carson Elrod.

The stage farce revolves around the stuffy Explorers Club of world fame who travel to far off places with the only requirement being that you haven’t been there and it be a difficult trip to make. In the events of the play the inclusion of the club’s first woman is the new journey and a difficult trip it makes to be indeed.

“The Explorers Club” is one of the 20 plays presented in the L. A. Theatre Works’ Relativity series, which is oriented around science and includes works that name check astronomy, physics, cosmology, cryptography, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and the rise of mass media. This is made possible partially through a donation from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in its charitable work with public broadcasting.

-Patrick Pagan


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