Go Teen Titans Go !

Teen Titans Go is…good? Whaaaa?? #teentitans #cartoons #dccomics



For the time being Cartoon network has redeemed itself from killing off good shows and brining on some shows that just I don’t want to even think about. I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Teen Titans go which aired April 23rd. As Los Angeles melts in this horrible hot day, I managed to get a cool breeze through my front door and decided to watch. Let me tell you, this show is quite genius! I really love it so far especially for only being two episodes in I already can’t wait for Tuesday, okay so I can say that I’m in love with this show. This isn’t your typical superhero show there is nothing serious toned about it, its all silly. I mean compared to the other Teen Titan shows we grew up with this is a big change and it’s good. The shows premise is…

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