Tomorrow at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, a live theatrical reading will premiere.


savedpicture-201451619237Produced by Drift Plume, and presented by Ninja-Con, this original piece by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner is making a come back from the Azure Lorica vault. Dormant for nearly three years, this stageplay is taking the anime scene by storm. Though only a one day event, Project Italy is holding promise in the indie entertainment scene. Gathering talents to not only perform on stage, but in a radio drama, and, possibly, in visual novels. It’s a strong production group, and with much to give. Attendees are welcomed to dress in black and white, Goth, and Cosplay. With the story looming around the theme of the paranormal, audiences of the occult and macabre are raring to pay their patronage.

Executive Producer, Pedro Ortiz, states this story as “quality and innovative, with no stereotypes, allowing intrigue to grow”, following up with the idea that audiences in videogames and anime are so familiar with the stereotyped character formulas that no wonder the fans are always into the non-popular titles, and Attack On Titans.

warshatOn the production group’s websites, both driftplume.com and fatependulum.com, post several press releases of not only updates on the production, but also the concepts over the stories and characters. One post, confessed by Eugene Cordell (Co-writer), that the idea of Demons versus Jinns made an immense impact on the character named Kros. He made it a point to discuss the concept and how both the Bible and Quoran had intriguing differences that need to be played with. A “method of meditation” he once expressed over the stages of writing the story itself. Stefanie Warner (Co-writer and Director) implies the same with the character Vida, stating her as her own “Gray Ghost” she never wished to be rid of. From what these creative talents mention, neither fiction or religious beliefs are standing behind their traditional respective lines. In this story, there is only one ideal being met on stage: the Paranormal versus the Human Condition.

Come and enjoy this live theatrical read of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy, tomorrow/Sept. 5, 6PM.

And did we mention it’s FREE!fplbreading1

For more information about Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy, visit: fatependulum.com


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