Concept Art Week 9: Jack Eaves

Good afternoon everyone, Ashanti here with this week’s artist spotlight.

I had originally planned to post this earlier in the day, but I seemed to have slept for 12 hours..

Anyways, I bring you Jack Eaves, a concept artist from Farnham, United Kingdom.

His artwork mainly consists of environmental pieces, but quite a lot of them have an interesting realistic taste to them. Let me show you some examples.


Danger Around the Corner_02



Danger Around the Corner 01

If you notice, some parts of these piece are a bit “too” realistic, as if the artist had used photos in the process. In this case, from what I can tell, yes. This type of technique is known as photo-bashing. photo-bashing actually is used quite constantly in the professional world of entertainment design, to help the image display a realistic effect. Though it in important to know that photo-bashing can become a risky technique if used without permission due to copyright. So please for your own safety and to respect the other artist’s work, try and use your own photos.

To expand a little on the subject, here is a wonderful Deviant Art journal about concept art that very briefly covers photo-bashing, if you would like to learn more.

Anyways, here are the rest of the art pieces I have collected for this week’s article.



Kobo Girl Sheet


Tree Variation Sketches


Kobo-Project: Forest



Kobo-Project: Hometown


The Adventure Begins

Ahh, I almost forgot! If you would like to see more of Jack’s work, here are his DrawCrowdFacebook, and website

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s spotlight. Please do comment with any suggestions on what to add to these articles.

See you starside,



I’m currently over-hyped for Destiny right now, hence the Bungie reference.


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