Bungie Go To Meet Their Destiny

You won’t believe what they do next! #gaming #gamergirl

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For Bungie I can only imagine that it’s a slightly stressful time. Although they did create several critical hits before going on to sculpt Halo, the team as it stands now is a one-hit wonder, known almost exclusively for their work on the legendary Halo series. With Master Chief now in the hands of 343 Industries and gearing up for his second game with them, Destiny is Bungie’s first fresh game in a very long time, and there’s an almost unspoken question of whether the magic is still there, or if Destiny will rank as simply a good game, worth playing but forever overshadowed by Halo. With mere weeks to go, the men and women of Bungie must be a little nervous.

I’ve received quite a bit of flak from Bungie fans over the past year when I’ve voiced this view that Bungie are a one-hit wonder. It’s not surprising…

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One thought on “Bungie Go To Meet Their Destiny

  1. I originally forced myself not to hype for this game till I played the beta.. and well, for the past 43 or so days since then, I’ve been overhyping for this.

    I can tell you that the game has lived up to my overhyping. (I’ve already played like 20 hours in the past two days)

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