For the next seven days, Banned Books will be on display in Libraries, Bookstores, and all over the internet! One might think that having these books banned allows parents and the politically correct to enjoy their time in public, without the deficient influences these books have on our youth and citizens – making our world a safer place to read, think, and in peace. But on the contrary, the issue dives further into our freedom. Banning our selections in reading material isn’t some political move everyone agrees on, in fact, economically, it ruins our challenges to become better human beings. Books aid the public to be more empathetic, and it allows us to not repeat the worst part about our history as a society. From peasants to low class citizens, books and libraries have enabled our civilization to function beyond the means of elitist education and connections. By banning books, people are limited by popular vote, when individualism is the key to improving society – if not quicker by popularity, then effectively by one mind per influence. It may sound to strong of an opinion, and it may seem too forward, but denying one access to information deters a domino effect of not only education and communication, but also the potential for future interests and imagination to produce something better for our future generations.


If you’d like to get involved, joined Banned Book Week, and celebrate the freedom to read! Find local events and presentations near you:


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