Concept Art Week 11: Halil Ural

Good afternoon Triskele Press!

I hope everyone has had a swell week; hopefully everyone was able to stay cool on Monday and Tuesday (It had been about 104-106 during those days).

Anyways, this week I bring you the Turkish freelance concept artist/illustrative artist Halil Ural, from Istanbul, Turkey. His work as you will see below in just a bit, contain very distinctive brush strokes, most in which seem to flow vertical across the painting. In addition, you may notice that the art has sort of a “grainy” look to it. From what I believe, this artist must have been using some sort of chalk texture brush (It’s a very popular choice in this industry of work I’ve noticed).

You may notice that the artwork this week is slightly leaning towards an illustration theme. This wasn’t entirely intended on my part, but I just would love to share this person’s work.


A Child of War



The League of the Atomic Ninja



Zhongguo Rocket Soldier



Brainstorm Challenge #2 (Bones Armor)



Fat Dragon






Old Temple by the Lake






Lizard Watch



The way I set up the Dragon picture cracks me up.

For those who are wondering what the Brain Challenge is, I will link the Facebook group below.

If you would like to see the rest of Halil’s artwork posted online, you may find it on his,

Art Station, DeviantArt, and Tumblr. (His Tumblr is incredible.. Wow)

Here is the link for the Brainstorm Facebook Group

I hope everyone will have an excellent week.



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