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As of last week, Triskele Press boosted its brand with two new programs! Originally, as one Blog, bountiful with feeds from several social medias from a couple of bloggers, now three with a stronger force of several bloggers collaborating to give you a blast of the community we’ve built this past year! It’s simpler than it sounds, but we’re too excited to keep it quiet.

To start, the original is now a Tumblr feed, and not any Tumblr feed, it is THE feed of all things Triskele Press, from Azure Lorica’s 10 blogs to our affiliate Bloggers, in one site. This one page of archival display is forwarded to all of our social medias’ twitter, Facebook, Storify, etc. You can follow us anywhere! And that’s only the tip of the ice burg…

Since the beginning of September, we’ve introduced the Fan Film Awards. In preparation for the event, next year, we’re making sure that everyone knows what’s in store with details meant for a whole website. From submissions to volunteering, the organizing process will be published for your clicking pleasure. To see what we’re talking about, visit us sometime:

And last, but not least, we’ve made an exclusive site for our Journalist’s work. Originally, the site everyone once knew best as is now Xtra! By taking the old phrase “Extra extra! Read all about it!”, we’re making a clearer statement. Delivering original content was our intent in the beginning, reblogging other blogger’s works were fun, but in order to allow our Journalists to grow, we’re taking things a step further with more exclusive interviews, artistic news, and opinions. Reblogging slows down from here. To join as a Journalist, visit us @

We would like to thank everyone who’ve helped us make Triskele Press the awesome public service it’s now become. We look forward to working with more blogger, vloggers, and artists soon. If you’re interested to join our program, either as a Journalist or Affiliate, please visit us at our new and improved


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