Halfway To The Moon

Azure Lorica has gone through many changes, and it is beautiful! From the community theatre company to the indie arts festivals, we’ve built a bridge for all forms of arts to connect through our charity; and we’re not finished. Let’s begin.

Azure Lorica has officially given Ninja-Con the Herald’s torch to handle all official events for our cause. At first, Ninja-Con had its own events separate from Azure Lorica’s theatre shows. But now, with the growth of Ninja-Con’s patrons, we are integrating all of our resources to be presented by Ninja-Con, on behalf of Azure Lorica and its other programs.

Once a ticketing company, now an Acting Troupe. It’s members read, perform, and record submitted scripts for the public to enjoy. The shift was tricky, as Thespians and writers were hidden in the community, now exposed for the wonder they are. Drift Plume is now building the brand with its current production: Project Italy.

imageVisit for more info: driftplume.com

Once a blog celebrating convention life, now the feed hub of all our affiliates and press releases from Azure Lorica’s blogs – streaming from Tumblr to twitter – automatically! And along with such change, Triskele Press is producing its first ever Fan Film Awards!

Visit for more info: triskelepress.com

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