Concept Art Week 13: Markus Lovadina

Good evening readers! I hope everyones weekend has been swell.

This weekend has been a bit tough on me, due to the seasonal games for the Dodgers (I work there).

I’m happy now to finally give everyone some new content!

Today I was hoping to feature someone who specializes with mecha design, but I will move that plan to next week.

As a note for the weeks to come, I feel like I should begin creating double features! Perhaps those would be best done every 10 articles.

So today I bring you, Markus Lovadina, a senior concept artist from Londom, United Kingdom.


At the Glade




Boat and Sword


Ship Yard




Nice Neighborhood


Sup Jack


Once Again


The Walk



In his pieces, you may notice the large amounts of photo textures, used in the foliage, or the overall landscapes. For those new though, you may visit my previous article here, that went over the photo-bashing technique.

Though there is a type in particular that may catch your eye, such as a piece like this one.


Matte Mountain

This type of artwork is known as Matte Painting. Essentially it is a type of artwork in filmmaking where an artist works over a photo that is placed in a live-action environment. Examples of this can be seen in almost every type of movie/TV show that usually contains objects that would be impossible or too expensive to have been built such as The Erie from Game of Thrones.

This concludes this week’s spotlight!

I was hoping to work on this further, but I’ve got to head off for the night.

I hope everyone enjoyed this, and like always see you next time!


You may find Markus’ work on his Artstation, Blogspot, and YouTube (You can watch his process for a few speed-paints.)

Of course I shall link the artist who create the GoT Matte painting.

Here is the link to his Blogspot


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