New Lupin the III TV Show Announced for 2015

As of right now, I’m in the back of the library at my school and I happened to come across someone watching Lupin the III. So here I am glancing at the show and I decided to listen to some of the soundtrack on YouTube and I just so happened to come across this on Crunchy Roll.

I’m pretty excited about this!


News out of Cannes’ MIPCOM trade show is that Lupin III is returning to TV in 2015 and taking the gang to the Italian Republic of San Marino. Allowing for the 2012 Woman Called Fujiko Mine spin-off, the Telecom (Castle of Cagliostro) production will be the first TV series since 1984-85’s Part III.

Veteran Lupin III animators Kazuhide Tomonaga and Yuichiro Kano are general director and director respectively. Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone script writer Yuuya Takahashi is back to write series composition.

Reflecting its setting, the anime will debut in Italy before airing in Japan. Lupin III fans will note that the titular thief now has a blue coat, following his earlier appearances in green (first series and some OVAs), red (the second series as well as most films and television specials) or pink (third series).





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