The Red Carpet: Girl Of Steel & Batgirl Rises

On October 24, 6PM, Triskele Press opened a live feed on twitter and instagram for the private screening of Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises, premiered at Theater 2 of Universal Studios, in Hollywood. The traffic was congested, the line was intense, and just when things couldn’t get anymore busy, the Press murdered for exclusives! Luckily, en route to the event was no one else, but Lindsay Heath – the beautiful lead playing Barbara Gordon, from Batgirl Rises; press for time, and bumping into no one else, but yours truly. Hello.

Actress, Amy Paffrath, from The Purge: Anarchy, attended the screening!

Actress, Amy Paffrath, from The Purge: Anarchy, attended the screening! Mentioning: “Heroines are in charge tonight!”

This night had better perks than Comic Con. In that, I mean, that the Cast, Crew, and all that came to support had friendship and heart, and the love for a mission any production would kill for: Kevin Dowell, the main stuntman of the Cast, posed with humor and intrigue for the choreography in the film – from the flips, to the nervous threat under the knife, he professed the clear passion in both Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises. Lindsay (Batgirl), expressed her love for the vision of what a Gothamite (a citizen of Gotham City) stood for. She explains the depth of the women that live in this universe fight their demons like no other. Danny Saab confirms this, as he explains his thorough knowledge of the story behind Batgirl’s chronology and character – inside and out of the comic’s mythos. His Intel on Barbara Gordon’s character brought a deeper connection with the fans of the mythos, including the fan he is today. Danny Saab, along with Mike Leblanc, are the Producers and Executive Producers of both Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises.

Actress, TV Host, and Maxim Model came to support the screening!

Actress, TV Host, and Maxim Model came to support the screening!

The red carpet was bustling, pictures took a paparazzi’s spirit, and the screening had no choice but to start with or without a complete interview.

Q&A commenced soon after. A series of questions were thrown to each member of the production team – Cast and Crew alike contributed their take on the mission of the films, some expressed their experience during the Casting and preproduction, others made their stance in the integrity of independent film making; and how these films are what we need foe this generation to continue real creativity to grow in this industry.

The best statement was by Writer and Director, Vincent Tran, himself. It clarified and distinguished the solution to equality in films – not just for women, but for everyone in the diversity, caught in this city of broken dreams: Hollywood.

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