Concept Art Week 17: Li Shuxing


Good evening everyone! I do hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween weekend.

For those who live in Los Angeles, did anybody go to Comikaze this weekend? For those who don’t know the convention, it’s essentially an old school comic book convention run by Stan Lee. You may find information about the convention here.

So to end this the last night of the week, I introduce Li Shuxing, a concept artist from Shanghai, China.

Now usually I pick a number of different artists to choose from before writing an article and not just pick the first person I see, but this artist’s work dumbfounded me.

In the next few weeks, I’ll explain some new art vocabulary that can be found in just about all the pieces I’ve shown so far.

Also I’ve been rather self-conscious about how there has been a lack of female artists in these spotlights. When I look for artists, I only look for their work, and don’t actually pay attention to their names, but when I look back at it, the problem exists. So I’ll begin changing it up.

Anyways though, here is his work:


The Wolf Oh Valley


To Attack the City (I can only guess that there were some major Lord of the Rings influences on this piece.)


Dragon Lair


Top of the Amber


Ancient Tomb


The Jungle Adventure


Postern of Fate


Rosefinch Valley


The Elves Beach


The Xuan Empire


Shaolin Temple

I hope everyone enjoyed tonights spotlight.

You may find his work at his Artstation and more at his blog. Note: the blog is in Chinese.



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