Concept Art Week 21: Level Up!


Good afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone from the States had a good Thanksgiving weekend, and just the same to anybody else who either doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or is from a different country.

Last Sunday, I said I would spotlight various artists that had before and after images of their artwork. Now note, I do have a couple of images that contain this time skip, but their maximum skip is only two years. Regardless, the improvement shown in the artwork is incredible.

10802053_1497967810477507_5693566049689866421_nAsura Lau Hing Pui

Art by: Asura Lau Hing Pui

10447399_766550466715544_2762418326131891150_nAnas Bin Ali

Art by: Anas Bin Ali

10256513_587930404669536_2942139939601539072_nBrandon Dennis

Art by: Brandon Dennis

To support the lack of images this week, I’ve also decided to introduce to everyone various Facebook groups and websites that may be of interest to you.

The first website I would like to share is Fusroda. No this isn’t the Skyrim shout, but actually it is a combination of the first and last names of the three artists who run this site. Fusroda is the home base for the weekly live stream Level Up, and a growing art community that thrives on sharing, learning and teaching others. The community itself may be found on their Facebook group. The images above are some of the types of work you may find there.

I highly recommend checking out both the live stream sessions and the group itself if you’d like to to learn. It’s all 100% free so there shouldn’t be any worry regarding pay walls that you would normally find on a lot of other online resources.

Actually to be honest, if you’d like a large amount of resources that may help you in your art journey, do check out the resources section on the Fusrodah website. The list of resources is absolutely incredible and the majority of what is listed is free! Whether you want brushes, textures, training, etc, it’s all there.

Though there is one Facebook group that has yet to be listed under the resources tab, the Brainstorm group. Lately the work created within this group has boomed around the internet, most notably the last task of created different variations of Batman.

The group itself gives its members a subject and due date. This month, the group gave the task of creating a Steam Punk scene revolving around the topic of Iron Man.


I predict that within two weeks, the video game blog Kotaku will post work from Brainstorm again. Though I have no idea what their schedule is of course.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s article and I’ll see you all next week!


Also boo, I’ve got two finals on my 21st next week.. Time to go study!


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