Concept Art Week 22: WEI HUAI XU


Good afternoon Triskele Press! I’m your host Ashanti and today I’ve brought you some character concept art!

Well, that was cheesy, but I’m really just trying to figure out something different to say every week. I’ve had a bunch of fun working on these, and I hope it’s been fun for everyone as well. There isn’t much traction on the site anymore I’ve noticed, but I do hope that you viewers look forward to every Sunday for this. Please, please give me critique for what I’m doing. If not critique, then suggestions on what to write about. I want to be able to let every viewer have a chance to learn about new artists from the specific interests they have. Although concept art will only go so far, so I couldn’t really write an article about the development of chairs or tables, but I could do one based off of architecture.

Anyways, this week’s spotlight covers Wei Huai Xu, a concept artist from Singapore. I have very little information about this artist, but I do know that he studied at FZD School of Design. If I’m not mistaken, I may have spotlighted a different student from that college. It’s very interesting, but students from FZD tend to have very similar styles. There are distinct features that you can see after a while. These features are not something I can think of on the spot and tell others, but later I’ll spotlight a different FZD student.

So without further ado, here is his artwork!


Sinbad Character 05


Sinbad Character 03


Sinbad Character 01


Sinbad Character 03


Cougar Recon Team


Stop Thief Character 02


Stop Thief Set 02


Stop Thief Set 01

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s article. Just to add, this week’s artist was suggested by my friend Drew.

If anybody would like to find more of his work, you may go to his Draw Crowd, and Blogspot.

See you next week!



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