Concept Art Week 23: Piero

Good evening everyone! This is our 23rd week of this concept art spotlight, and to be honest, it’s a little shocking to think about it. Over the last 5 months, I’ve discovered and shown all types of different artists to the site. It’s been a marvelous experience so far, and I must say that I will never stop. In the next weeks to come, I would like to go back to the roots of what I had originally planned when writing these; I want to create spotlights to those who aren’t either yet in the industry, or are just starting out. That may be a little hard however since the internet can’t tell me everything I want to know, but I can sure get close.

Anyways, this week I bring you Piero (Il su Ko), an artist from Korea. As of right now, I’m still currently learning more about this artist. Like all others, I tend to write these at the same time of discovering the content, or at least around the same time. For example, just now I found a WordPress with a single post about one of the concepts this artist has worked on, Smaug the Magnificent. The reason why I’m bringing this up, is because one of the main viewers who likes my posts liked that one. I just found it interesting.

So back to the main topic! I don’t know much about this artist, in fact there really isn’t much I can find about this person, besides the fact that he is male, and that his art name is Spkkis. The vast majority of the art I will show you all today will be environmental work, except for a picture of his sketchbook. I hope you enjoy the work below, and I hope you all will have a good night/morning.


Concept art – Warp??


Concept art – What planet is this?


speed painting – Untitle


Old Concept – I am not Gandalf !!!


Concept art – Distant Future City


Concept Art – Generator !!!


Concept art practice -He is come ~!! goo goo


Concept art – Dragon Valley


Old concept art-Are you boss?


Sketch book~~!!

You may find more of his artwork at both his ArtStation, and DrawCrowd.

The links will be provided within the names of the two websites like always.

See you all next week!


(Also for those who play HS, unstable portal is freaking broken! 14 out of 17 uses, I’ve gotten legendaries)


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