Concept Art Week 24: F.A. Herold


Good afternoon everyone, Ashanti here with a just nearly midnight post of concept art. It’s been pretty obvious, that I do not have a completely set schedule for these posts. I would recommend to follow Triskele Press’ Twitter or Tumblr, to get notifications when I do post these. I don’t mean to shamelessly plug Triskele Press’ social media accounts, but it may be helpful.

Like I promised last week, today I spotlight an artist who does not appear to be quite inside the professional world just yet. Though in this case, I cannot find any information on this artist online, so I’m actually unsure if he has experience in the field.

Anyways, today I bring you F.A. Herold, a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Nürnberg, Germany. This artist features a very painterly style, one that is very common in illustration, but at the same time, gives great atmospheric effects overall. For example, the knight which you will below, is very loose and slightly rendered; the brush strokes clearly visible, but it gives it character. I feel that if this piece were to be cleaner, everything would be lost.

So here you go, his artwork!






-sci-fi sketches


-sci-fi city




-fantasy forest





I feel like this one was a good start at introducing newer artists to the world! So, I will definitely continue on this path.

You may find Herold’s work on his ArtStation, and Drawcrowd.

See you all next week!


So, I finally had my first drink yesterday, since I turned 21 two weeks ago; a melon ball. It was good.


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