Concept Art Week 25: Sally Gottschalk


Hello and welcome to the 25th spotlight for Triskele Press. This week I introduce Sally Gottschalk, a concept artist and illustrator from Germany. I’m happy to finally be able to diversify the spotlights again; unfortunately, there is a large majority of male artists in the field apparently. Of course I do not know if this is in fact true, but if you look at many of the different concept art websites, you’ll tend to find many more males. I’m not too sure why really…

Anyways, Sally has a more diverse selection of artwork, so you’ll see both characters/creature design, and environments. Most of it is quite sketchy, but nonetheless fantastic. The colors shown below are very vibrant, and nearly every piece has a eerie atmospheric effect.  So here you go! I hope everyone enjoys the artwork. Do comment with your thoughts on either the column, or the art itself.


-The River’s Heart


-Ship and Turtle – Sketch




-Force Field


Creature Sketch


Fire Bird Sketch




-The Grim


-Tree and Owl – Sketch

You may find the rest of her artwork on her Artstation, and/or Deviantart.

In addition to those two links, here is her Facebook art page.

See you all next week!



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