Concept Art Week 26: Thomas Stoop

Good afternoon Triskele Press; today I bring you an artist from the Netherlands!

It’s always been very interesting to me to find out where people live when it comes to art. You can really see a difference in certain little aspects when compared to someone living elsewhere. It may just be me though, but I tend to notice that people who live, or grew up in different parts of Europe have a better general understanding of architecture. Of course, anybody can become good at drawing architecture if they really put time into it it, but it’s just the experience living in countries with nearly every type of architecture you can think of, is just amazing to me. The same thing I think goes for environments.

Once again, these are only my thoughts on the subject, so it’s really different for everyone. Depending on where you live, you generally construct a different and unique visual library that you may tap into. By visual library, I mean a collection of visual information that you’ve seen, or experienced that you can tap into at any time with your brain (this also includes photos, and other works of art). This is very important for an artist, so you can really see the influences when you look and think about a piece of artwork.

If you’d like to learn more about the visual library, and/or how to build one, check out the video below.

As you can see, I sort of went off into a different direction. As many of you know by now, I tend to do this.

Finally to get back on topic, I introduce this week’s artist!


– Fishing

Thomas Stoop!

I’ve not been able to find too much information about Thomas, but I do know that he is a student/freelance concept artist. Of course this doesn’t explain a lot, but I try. This incredible artist mixes photobashing with his painting to create realistic environments. Not of all of his work is like this, but his painting skills still amaze me nonetheless.

Below, I’ll show various different pieces of his artwork, most of which being environments; and like always, I’ll see you next week.







-Smoke smoke


-Afro titan












-Shark trap

You may find more of Thomas’ work on his Artstation, DeviantArt, Drawcrowd, and his Facebook.

Here you may find his website/portfolio.

As an added bonus, here is one of his painting’s process’ sped up. It’s really cool to watch, so I recommend checking it out.


I swear, I nearly fell asleep earlier after eating Ben and Jerry’s. I want more..


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