Concept Art Week 27: Kenn Yap

Good afternoon Triskele Press, Ashanti here with yet another artist of the week. If you’ve already noticed, the format I’m currently writing in isn’t centered. I’ve decided to try this out just for today to see if it looks better than what I usually do. I’ve noticed that this type of format tends to feel weird when you see how the site displays it after I post it; it tends to feel boxed up. Two weeks ago, I wrote an article on Sally Gottshalk and I got into contact with her shortly after I posted the article. In our discussions, she recommended I try various ways to create more in depth articles for all of you. So in the future, I will begin to write these a few days ahead of time, so I can try to interview the artist I feature. Of course, I cannot promise that I will be able to get results, because people are busy and they don’t always respond to messages, but if I can, I’ll do it.

So this week  I introduce the artist Kenn Yap, a freelance concept artist from Singapore. Kenn has a variety of artwork, ranging from concept art, to even photography. His artwork has very fine composition, the type that you can visually see a photographer might have, in addition to the vivid story telling told within each piece. Personally, I find it all quite wonderful, especially bright colors he uses throughout many of his artwork.

I’ll see if I can come into contact with Kenn for some interview questions, so I’ll keep everyone posted for that.




-Take the Bloody Shot!


-Why Hello There


-Red vs Blue


-Teen Spirit




-Are you lost, little one?


-Hometown Hero






-The Kid Takes His Time


-Tree of the Dead

I do hope everyone has enjoyed this week’s article! Once again, I’ll be sure to update everyone on details once I’ve gotten contact with the artist.

You may more of his artwork on his Artstation, Deviantart, Blogspot, and Instagram. I highly recommend taking a look through his Instagram; there a large variety of work posted there, in addition to photography.

See you all next week!


I would also like to add that I will create a list of links to the other articles I’ve written about. Due to some odd complications, I understand that it may be hard to find the rest of the articles on the site. I’m a little bit busy as of right now, but tomorrow afternoon I’ll start to create that so that exploring the other articles may be easier.


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