Concept Art Week 29: Alexandrin Damascan

Good evening everyone, I hope this week has been swell! I know a lot of people are back in school after the winter break, so I hope this article can bring some creative ideas to fill the mind for this following Monday. This week I bring you Akexandrin Damascan (also known as Morpsz), a 24 year old. freelance concept artist from Bucharest, Romania. His work is prominently character concept art, so this will be a nice change. Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to change it up more as the majority of the work I’ve shown has been environmental art pieces. With the work I’ll be introducing below, you’ll notice  a swift increase in art skill, as the character work appears to become more crisp, while still maintaining the previous work’s sense of storytelling. In addition to this, his environmental work contains vibrant warm and cool colors. The feeling they give off is ominous, and mysterious, but all quite wonderful just the same. I hope everyone enjoys the work!


– Sketch

This piece really gives off a Studio Ghibli vibe. I absolutely love it!


– Underwater


– The Bridge


– Drying World


– Selfie


– BlackHand


– Hamm


– Bros


– Doc


– Tesla


– Count


– Crusafer


– Batman

I believe this piece was created for the late BrainStorm topic.


– Thief


– Teddy

You may find more of Alexandrin’s work on his ArtStation, DeviantArt, and Behance.

See you all next week!



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