Concept Art Week 30: Ned Rogers Recap

Good afternoon everyone, I hope the week has been well! This week I’ve decided to recap on an artist who I first wrote a spotlight for quite some time ago, Ned Rogers. It’s incredible to see the progress of an artist overtime, one can say that they have “natural talent” for creating artwork. The reason I bring up natural talent, is because I believe there is a misconception about this term. Most people believe that those with natural talent will be able to pick up anything with ease, but this is not entirely true. Natural talent refers to how quickly one can get to a destination in comparison to others, though those who are slightly behind can still make it to the same place, and even further if they do their very best at what they want to achieve in life. I’ve witnessed friends being called naturally talented, but in reality, they worked hard from nearly nothing (in art terms). I find myself a a good example of this to be honest… I’m still only learning, but if you saw my early work, there is a massive difference.

Well anyways, I want to show everyone Ned’s new artwork, and I hope everyone enjoys the evolution.


-Indiana Jones Redesign


-Bloodborne Fan Art


-Project X – Vampire Mech Lab


-D&D Dragon Lair


-Dungeons and Dragons – Water Node



-Project X – Vamp totem


-Dungeons & Dragons Forest


-Project X – Zombie totem


-Harpy Roost

Just like the first spotlight, you may find his work on Draw Crowd, in addition to Artstation.

I’ve come to realize that some of the artwork that has been shown here is also a part of the same project that was shown partially in the first spotlight. Regardless, it’s still an improvement, even if some of the artwork may have been created not soon after.

See you all next week!



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