Concept Art Week 32: Alexander Davtyan

Good evening Triskele Press! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day, and/or weekend overall. So every Sunday I have a generally very artistic day; at noon I go to a concept 101 course, and this week we were lectured on the topic of protagonists (last week was about antagonists). The teacher recommended everyone to watch any movie to understand the main characters, in depth. Of course he recommended to watch the film first for fun, but the second pass, to try and take notes on what you see or feel; the little quirks that you find in the character design. In addition to watching it over again, he also suggested to watch the film either muted, or sped up (specifically for animations). So now, I suggest you, my viewers, to try and experiment with this. If you’re trying to create characters for something art related, or even for writing, it’s a good exercise.

This week I introduce the artist Alexander Davtyan (Thurs), an artist from Krasnodar, Russia. Alexander’s artist’s work consists of a mix of character, and creature artwork. A good character/creature design will make you think of the possible scenarios in which they are from. From the many sketches which you will see below for example, all contain their own little quirks, and story behind them, though some feel more subtle than others. When I see the character Alex’s character work, I can imagine an appropriate scene where I might find them in.

To avoid rambling on, allow me to share with everyone this man’s work.


– self-portrait


– characters_sketch


– characters sketch_2


– sketches


– pyralgothaan


– horde


– crab


– cuttlefishes catchers


– dump


– altar


– slave trader


– girl


– priest of death


– arena

I do hope everyone visualized various scenarios of the many characters you see above. It’s quite fun imagining the details of such wonderful pieces.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week, and a good start of the school year!

I say this, because school is starting up for my Tuesday, but for most people it must have started between last month, to last week.

See you next time.


I nearly forgot about this!

You may find more of Alexander’s work on his Art Station.


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