The Triskele Press Complex

For two years, Triskele Press has been building a grand venture to give independent journalists a chance to do what they did best: document their niche. It began with azure-lorica.COM – taking photos and interviewing Actors, Directors, and CEO’s. The documentation was great, especially when it helped Theatre Companies gain good reviews and Nonprofits with presentations. But the demand grew, so supply we did. By gathering a few independent groups to collaborate with, Journalism was no longer a trifle. The success was immense, and so the domino effect occurred: more groups wanted to collaborate.

For the past six months, the Board of Azure Lorica has been planning something big. As Ninja-Con is about to hit its second anniversary, the Nonprofit Organization needed to expand the public service from the festival, we all love and cherish, to the experience we can share nationally. And Triskele Press found the answer:

By creating a social network forwarding system, it’s Journalists can gain access to the same fans without the trifle of spending their time being online, as oppose to being at the Conventions, socializing as they should – filming, photographing, interviewing the real content the public craves for. From the Cosplayers to the voice actors, these Journalists can post in one network that can give them the page views they want, and the media attention these Conventions deserve – Conventions, like Ninja-Con.

As of February 15, 2015, Triskele Press has revamped itself into a monstrous service for Press Releases. With one click, anyone, member or public, can post a media piece on, and have it be forwarded to Facebook, twitter, stumpleupon, and as far as deviantART!

Ninja-Con will be allowing the Press to enter their festival, and meet and document independent artists, niche celebrities, and their fans, in an all out free-for-all scoop-exclusive-royale! Triskele Press, will not only provide the stream of social networks forwarding every tid bit from its Bloggers/Vloggers, but it will also collect the best of the best into its first annual eMagazine.

This Friday, February 20, 2015, Triskele Press will be hosting it’s first Conference. The event will be revealing all of Azure Lorica’s exciting new opportunities for not just the Journalists, but Artists, Film Makers, and many more. We are progressing, we are expanding, and we are inviting you to join the indie entertainment scene as a Writers, Videographers, Producers, and much, much more. We invite you to come and see the amazing news at our Media meet and greet this week:

Triskele Press Conference
Feb. 20 | Friday – Doors Open @ 6pm
2350 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose, CA 91020
(Entrance located behind Citibank – FREE ADMISSION)


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